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OOB SH Colony reaches out

Over the last few days the Order's SH Colony has been particularly proactive in reaching out in both financial-related and military related activities, involving a series of other foreign powers within the Systemhack Galaxy.

Firstly, the colony, thanks to the development of the Megashop project, has been estimated by the Systemhack intergalactic administration to have direct access to most major markets including but not being limited to ship exports, raw ore exports, industrial grade advanced military weapons exports and imports of a large variety of goods ranging from hulls, to logical applications such as chain-drive technology to capsule imports.

Secondarily, the colony, using the unused re-development funds re-occupied the older abandoned OOB systems such as the Bodalocamanus system, taking control of a series of shops and planetary systems which were previously monitored by the older designated OOB Military Outposts (Which were then Replaced with OOB Military Fortified Outposts V2 as the standard model for system sovereignty). These older outposts have been, as far as possible, repaired and renovated with teams working overnight to ensure that accommodation facilities were of pristine condition. .

At the same time a military expedition was launched against the faction found to be occupying illegal territory next to the Order's outer systems.

The OOB SH Colony declared war on keineFraktion and subsequently led the invasion of the Cendemcenrorus system. OOB Expeditionary forces faced little resistance in the form of a dozen patrol ships. The nature of the raid described as an expansionary peace-keeping manoeuvre was further reinforced by the ships found at the station, which were stolen ships from other factions.

Thereafter, the Brave Cowards' territory was freed from the control of the keineFraktion. The OOB has now secured control of the primary hostile system and has confiscated the stolen goods from the hostile base to go towards the exploration department's budget.

In total over 6 decoy stations and 2 outposts were destroyed, whilst another outpost was captured by OOB forces.