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History Strikes Back for the LvD territories

In a striking moment of déjà vu, OOB scanning technology picked up a series of ships on radars set up to protect the recently acquired archaeological site of the aptly nicknamed 'Grey Palace'. A moderately sized structure, remains of some lost civilisation, it had gained the interest of the Galactic Authority and it was for the purpose of overall enlightenment that OOB forces volunteered to secure the palace, clear our occupying pirates and provide a safe workplace for GA archaeologists to work. Peace and prosperity, concepts so unlike the rest of the war-torn Light-Dark area seemed to be once again prevalent in OOB space. That status quo, however, was not to last.

Divine Corps

Upon securing the station, the Ethereal Space Navy and the Divine Corps were moved to provide safe coverage for the palace in the event of pirate incursions. Knowing the recent armament trends amongst pirates, 3 security outposts were also deployed in case of an organised assault by local miscreants. No major fleets were deployed as it was deemed to be unnecessary in the greater state of affairs for the sole protection of the site against local pirate forces.

Then, as per the usual, the serenity and tranquillity of one small part of the world trying to fight against the onslaught of conflict, barbarity and vandalism were broken once again. This time it was not a lone terrorist fighting against the Order , nor was it a pirate navy that broke the silence. Forces of the Formiden Colonial Mandate arrived. The Order is first and foremost a trading and diplomatic faction. Conflict is rarely profitable and the unnecessary destruction of expensive equipment or assets is usually something associated with what are called 'savages' in the wider realms of space. Malicious assaults carried out not for profit but for the sole gain of the destruction of architectural beauty, of causing terror and chaos and anarchy - common signs of said less civilised behaviour. Upon the arrival of the FCM fleets, accompanied by 3 military vessels, the ambassador to FCM was immediately called and instructed to negotiate an arrangement with said faction so as to avoid any unpleasantries. His attempts, however, fell on deaf ears for the orders were already in place and, merciless as any other experienced militaristic faction, members of the FCM opened fire on the Divine Corps patrol fleet. Within minutes, the system of Bapaprinombeda had become an active warzone. The Grand Master did not sanction the introduction of heavy armaments into the system for fear of damaging the palace and bringing about damage to the very system itself [lag concerns], so it was left to the Ethereal Space Navy and the highly acclaimed OOB ally Aeron Empyrean commander Morviuz to diffuse the situation. The appearance of two major FCM fleets in the system prompted concern which also led to the diversion of the Morale Reserves, a fleet of two Paladins currently undergoing repair, to also divert to the scene of the action.

Ethereal Space Navy

It was too late to save the three security outposts in the area, who were under heavy fire from the combined force of first two, then three Formiden Navies and 3 larger Formiden vessels. Morviuz arrived, subsequently followed by the Morale Reserves and the Ethereal Space Navy, and the real battle for the Grey Palace began.

Late-Battle Images

After prolonged battle FCM forces were retreating from the scene. By then, support from the nearest Brave Class had arrived to provide last minute assistance.

Supporting Smirnov ship destroying a series of ~7k mass ships remaining after Morviuz had forced FCM forces to start retreating.

Significant damage was dealt to the offending Barbarian fleet

A few hours later, Formiden forces returned in force, drawing upon their additional resources to bring to bear a series of 200k class destroyers, which they subsequently used to destroy the archaeological site. OOB tacticians are puzzled by this move but have attributed it to decisions taken not by the FCM leadership, but by local enforcement forces, who, due to some misunderstanding, understood Archaeological Site of pure beauty as something that should be destroyed.

OOB Historians are already suggesting links to the civilised behaviour of some of FCM's pilots to those of the Visigothtribes in year 410 on planet Earth. [Sack of Rome 410AD]

Head of Exploration and ambassador to the FCM Bagatur, when asked about whether the situation can be diffused, replied "Yes I think the situation can be diffused" suggesting that 'miscommunication' and 'trigger-fire' were at fault, rather than the general assumption that the attack on OOB security forces was directly intentional. Head of Diplomacy Jotonex has also stated that the situation is salvageable and that hopefully all will be solved soon.