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Fortifying Systemhack

Across the past two days a series of military outposts were deployed within the Systemhack territory for the express purpose of protecting trading assets and securing greater territory for our wider player base.

As is visible from the above image, the megashop project has also been started. This is a project that aims to increase targeted imports categorisation to the wider Systemhack territories. In doing so, the OOB SH colony hopes to promote the player economy as well as facilitate greater development of general facilities across industries operating within the Systemhack space.

Deployment and manouvering of fleets on Systemhack server attracted some attention. The newly combined fleet is formed from ships which had previously formed 3 different defensive divisions, and is said to have been combined to maximise productive potential in patrol movements. This was reported by a series of newspapers who were generally reporting on the megashop developments and is characteristic of OOB, in that it shows how alongside any financially-incentivised development, the OOB also brings to bear significant military power for the security of said financial development.

At the same time, there have recently been a series of small events aimed towards encouraging teamwork and increasing interaction between the departments within the colonies.

A series of officers holding high positions within the Order took part in the aforementioned events, partaking in a charitable initiative towards providing guidance and encouraging discussion amongst the lower ranks of the Order, with a view to maximising teamwork and productive efficiency