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Censuses and Data Analysis

Upon the orders of the Magnus Commendator, censuses of OOB faction fleet strengths took place over the last week. In light of recent turbulence between Light and Dark Forces within the LD Universe, following the advise of the Head of Exploration, OOB High command has commissioned a series of fleets to be deployed to protect OOB trading interests.

Sentry Armada Fleet commissioned on OOB LD Colony

Pinnacle Defense Force commissioned on OOB LD Colony

A series of OOB fortified military outposts V2 have also been deployed.

OOB Stockpiles on Light vs Dark in the last few days, for the first time, were being used up faster than they are replenished by our and allied miners. Following the armament of a series of factions on Light vs Dark and the increased pirate activity around OOB mining outposts, the OOB LvD colony has responded appropriately by increasing the size of OOB fleets.

So far the Exploration Department and the Military Departments have responded by increasing their respective fleet sizes.

OOB LvD Patrol Fleet 6 launched.

OOB LvD Patrol Fleets 1-5 have also been reinforced in number, having been assigned to the increasingly wealthy exploration department.

At the same time, the derelict Merc Fleet has been assigned to be managed by the department of management and finance, with the assistance of tactical adviser MegaMonkey. (This venture has raised eyebrows among OOB High Command, due to the fact that few of the management and finance department have significant military service experience)