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OOB-Order Takeover Bid

Today the long-awaited OOB_The-Order Takeover Bid has finally been concluded.

The deal, first discussed over a month ago was dropped after the 'Order' representative rejected OOB's offer, however just earlier today contact was re-established with the statesman in question and a new arrangement was signed.

The Order has acquired an estimated 150k volume of material as well as 12 vessels of varying ship classes.

OOB Head of Exploration Bagatur oversaw the arrangement and trusted veteran members of OOB collected the ships in question after they were signed off by the 'Order' representative.

Whilst these numbers are yet to be confirmed, rumours indicate that approximately 250 million Intergalactic Credits were paid to the Order for these stakes.

The new vessels have been divided into 3 fleets, the Foreign Legion, Foreign Reserved and Foreign Reinforcement Fleets.

When questioned as to why he thought The 'Order' had re-opened negotiations with OOB, Bagatur replied "They are a dark aligned faction and recently have fallen on bad times. Very disappointing loss of their outpost to light forces, very disappointing loss of trading opportunities, really what can I say. We really wanted to help but they did not ask. It is hardly surprising they are mostly inactive or in disrepair. At least now these assets will be managed more efficiently under the control of OOB, rather than the 'Order'".

This recent takeover bid has taken the rumoured size of the OOB Foreign-Fleet divisions on Light vs Dark to number over 30, which is almost 1/3rd of the size of the OOB Standard divisions on Light vs Dark.