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Migration halted

Today Rebuilders Administration Migration Management Officials halted cargo freighters bearing OOB-sent cargo packages bearing military technology and an abundance of precious materials.

The cargo fleet estimated at having carried over 1,391,801,460 New Order Credits worth of military technology as well as over 1,027,424,500 New Order Credits worth of materials and approximately 324,000,000,000 New Order Credits worth of industrial technologies has been stopped due to structure scanning conducted by newly researched Rebuilders Technologies.

A publicly released study from internal OOB analyzers of the cargo fleet from externally controlled observation systems shows that roughly 25,000,000,000 units were registered on the fleet of ships.

A log carried out by leading AI-programmed audits revealed that not only did the cargo fleet carry hidden illegal storage, but that said illegal storage was comprised of goods considered so harmful they are inaccessible even on black markets as well as a vast amount of resources extracted with unknown extraction proceedures. The expulsion of said goods has, according to a statesmen from the Rebuilders faction, been a necessity, for the safety and the protection of citizens of newly colonised LvD Galaxy.

OOB Grand Master Bogdan has expressed his sincerest regrets at the disturbance to trade, and has stated officially that "The Order of Bogatyrs will bear the costs of the mistakes of certain high ranking financial officers. The Order shall not file for re-assessment in light of the high quality of goods breaching laws of extraction, utilisation, distribution and trade. An internal investigation into the matter has already been started and it is the Order's sincerest wishes to repair relations with the new LvD galaxy by working together with the Rebuilders Administration for the betterment of trade".

Nevertheless it came as a shock to environmentalists when the Grand Master also addressed the OOB Grand Bank and the OOB Trading Company, two other large projects commissioned to begin implementation shortly. The leader of the intergalactic theocratic empire has once again attested to his dedication to the creation of a bank that would serve the biggest clients and provide the best rates available in the Light vs Dark universe.

A spokesman for the new iteration of the OOB LvD has stated that the OOB Trading Company giga-commercial project is still passing the last stages of development, however, the spokesman stated that release is expected within the nearest 10 earth days.