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The dawn of something darker

The Light vs Dark migration has come. The universe has reached unbearable strain with the growing strength of a black hole in the centre of the universe leading to the Rebuilders Galactic Administration announcing the start of the migration, over 2 weeks ago. Rumours are already spreading of new dangers and difficulties awaiting colonists in the New World.

Assets have been shipped out with a resulting significant devaluation of raw materials which could not be easily transported. One of the richer individuals within the Order, the Head of Exploration, Bagatur, is rumored to have purchased 250million raw ores at the rock-bottom price of 1 international credit an ore, on the eve of the migration proceedure. Rebuilders Galactic Administration have now left and are ferrying over assets logged by all relevant factions to the new world.

It is estimated that 0.8billion volume of material was left behind in OOB stores which was not possible to extract in time, with the faction deciding to selective transport advanced goods such as weapons technologies and hyper-space jump technology.

OOB Military Outpost 1437. Store of OOB reserve power supply - Outer Rim Territories

The Magnus Commendator and Head of Finance and Management at OOB has stated that an estimated 80-100 military outposts were vacated with garrisons transported in DR-1 transports to OOB extraction facilities.

Image above: DR-1 Transports awaiting loading