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Peace in Troubled Times

The conflict which arose over disputed OOB intervention into the Third Light Vs Dark Wars between the Knights Hospitaller and the Order's LvD has finally come to an end.

The faction Knights Hospitaller initiated the conflict after the Warchiefs of the faction concluded that there was validity in a claim that the OOB was supporting the, at the time, light aligned faction New Elysium by providing them safe haven at nearby OOB outposts and providing them with re-supply and maintenance services.

The Order's statesmen denied all such claims, however the forces of KH engaged the local garrison, capturing the local OOB military outpost at moderate cost.

Over the duration of the conflict, the Order reported 2 official victories and multiple inconclusive skirmishes with KH forces. The primary moments of the war were the destruction of KH bases bordering OOB territory and the engagement of the Paladin Fleet with the Third Crusade.

A group of high ranking Boyars have concluded that OOB's losses totaled less than 544million intergalactic credits, whilst KH's predicted losses totaled over 16 billion intergalactic credits.

Comparison of assets destroyed during war:


  • 1x military outpost destroyed

  • 2x Vipers destroyed

  • 1x Paladin destroyed

  • 1x Potemkin heavy damage

  • 1x OOB Brave moderate damage

  • 2x OOB Bullshark light-moderate damage


  • 3x KH bases destroyed

  • 1x KH 'Warlog' 100k mass ship captured by OOB

  • 3x KH A1 Destroyers (Presumed Manticore Destroyers using NuclearFun's technology) overheated

  • 6-9x Crusader Frigates destroyed

  • 40+x War sticks destroyed [due to infinitesimal size of the deployed explosives ships, not all were recorded by OOB forces, as some were destroyed by preemptive OOB missile defenses.

  • 1x KH warpgate captured by OOB