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The luxuries of office

The OOB Peregrine Yacht is now available across all elite OOB shipyards.

A moderately sized yacht coming with a full complement for an OOB officer or councillor to travel long distances on diplomatic missions, this yacht is currently rated as the most expensive luxury-focused ship within the Order with demand predicted to increase with the coming increase in the net balance of trade. This ship comes with adequate shielding and turret defenses to see off pirates or raiders on the way as well as being equipped with advanced jumping equipment and a chain drive. The high thrust speed allows the ship to reach speeds off over 254 knots, with no added discomfort at travelling at maximum speed.

It is rumored that already a series of copies of his yacht have been commissioned for high-ranking members of the diplomacy department.

At the same time comes news of the deployment of the OOB-DR-1 Dropship

A small dropship, this vessel carrying all the necessities for a series of military personnel to be transported to a location for military operations, the ship can reach high speeds due to inherited thrust, carries high-level jumping equipment such as a chain drive and is very affordable for all colonies of the Order.