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A New Beginning

Today spells an end to the 180-day long war between the Order of Bogatyrs and the Vaygr Empire.

Relations had broken down following the discovery of a spy within Mortarian Legion ranks at the start of June. The Legion acted quickly evicting the spy and issuing an immediate investigation into the matter. OOB assets were attacked within the matter of days whilst all diplomatic attempts to prevent the conflict proved fruitless.

On the 4th of June of the year 3016 of our lord, the Vaygr Empire officially joined the war against the Order of Bogatyrs and commenced attacks against OOB territories. Vaygr's subsidiary faction, Vaygr Raiders, joined the war later the same day.

Throughout the war the Order of Bogatyrs continuously held to to a defensive stance, responding to Vaygr's and Mortarian Legion's actions rather than taking the offensive. The Order of Bogatyrs lost a series of civilian outposts as well as suffering a crushing defeat on the Shattered Skies galaxy.

The OOB increased military budget from 5% of GDP to 11% of GDP during the conflict period with over 70 military outposts, 280 frigates and destroyers, 60 cruisers deployed across the Autumn months.

Clashes between the OOB and Mortarian Legion were infrequent compared to clashes against the Vaygr Empire and their subsidiaries. There were a series of battles across galaxies with the Vaygr Empire emerging victorious on a series of occasions.

During this period of time, 3 new turret designs, 2 new military outpost designs, 2 new patrol vessel designs, 8 new tank designs and 2 new jump inhibitor designs were created by the Order's engineering, ushering in greater technological advancement in the Order's military.