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The Recon Fleet is back!

In light of raised national level of alert from white (minimal) to yellow (wary), the Order of Bogatyrs has commissioned the deployment of an additional fleet, the External Patrol Fleet 2.

Moreover, to commemorate the now non-existent Paladin Recon Fleet, which had played a significant role in the Battle of Caris the Paladin Recon Fleet has finally acquired funding from the OOB central government.

The Fleet, which numbered over 40 AUX Paladins of the pre-universal maintenance period performed admirably in the battle, having sustained major damage on 2 vessels, minor damage on 4 vessels and having played a major role in providing covering fire to OOB forces during OOB's entry into the Caris system. The Fleet provided covering fire to allow for OOB's tactical retreat towards the end of the battle, sustaining almost no losses.

The Fleet was thereafter decommissioned and the money was invested into the development of a national park, the construction of two skyscrapers and the development of a series of Brave Variant Destroyers.

-The First part of the deployed Paladin Recon Fleet

The mobilization of said fleet is targeted to be finished by the 18th of November, the year 3015 of our lord, which falls exactly on the 20th week after the Battle of Caris took place. There will be a national holiday across the 16th-17th to commemorate the valiant efforts of OOB pilots and engineers during the OOB-AF War.