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Altes War

The Altes System is a star system located within direct jump range of Mechanical Wings territory, lying in a greater quadrant controlled by Light-aligned forces including Lightside militia bases and Mechanical Wings territory. For the protection of BFTA participants and for the principal purpose of protecting OOB trade routes, an outpost was deployed in this system at a point of time between August-October of the year 3016 of our lord.

On the 13th of November a faction which had previously rejected a trade agreement with the Order of Bogatyrs, the Knights Hospitaller (KH) opened fire on the 142nd Bogatyr Military Defensive Fortified Outpost.

According to a KH officer, Voevoda he had reason to believe that there was OOB involvement in the long-continuing Light-Dark conflict.

"Our faction is dedicated to preserving the balance, New Elysium moved out and this is good. The others we shall come for in time. But if other giants are supporting light, we'll just have to re-educate 'em."

-Voevoda, War Chief, Knights Hospitaller

When asked for comment regarding KH's latests statements, New Elysium's leader, ChemicalDeceit sent this statement: "We didn't move out to please you, it was a personal choice. Your self-obsession will be your downfall, friend."

Grand Master Bogdan refused to comment on the situation, however a spokesman from the Management department was quoted as saying "The claims are ridiculous. The Order has no involvement in the Light-Dark conflict and was simply protecting its own assets. It is a grave mistake that [knights hospitaller] have made and we have full trust that our allies efforts along with local OOB patrol fleets will convince KH to seek a peace and pay reparations to the Order.

This is the first instance of this happening on the light vs dark galaxy as there have not been any previously recorded incidents revolving around disputes.