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The TSA. Who are they and what did they do?

The TSA are the Terran Spacial Academy, a minor faction which came into an agreement with the OOB to acquire a status of semi-independence as a vassal in return for monthly payments to the OOB, service to the OOB in wartime, unlimited rights towards the exploitation of TSA territory by OOB salvaging firms. The TSA gains the benefit of cheaper imports from the OOB and in turn can rely on OOB's extensive knowledge of organisations to find necessary information. Moreover the TSA, as a vassal is eligible to receive "Developmental Investment", which is where a vassal or protectorate of the Order, when they are establishing a colony on a server, are helped to do so with resources and advise from OOB builders on efficient usage of resources.

According to an analysis of September carried out of all major colonies and actions across the month, the OOB endorses the war of aggression of OOB's vassal the TSA against the Poppys and against the Legion of Darkness.

When questioned on the matter an OOB spokesman said "The TSA has made the right decision". Moreover, the spokesman mentioned that Poppys offensive against the mining faction El Snipoo was not tolerable considering the fragility of El Snipoo's economy, saying they "These scum are picking on a faction already derailed, damaged and fighting for its life against other scavengers. They [the TSA] are in the right here".

There is no evidence so far to imply that the OOB, which has a history of avoiding conflict will go a step further by funding the TSA and even though some hopefuls believe this is a chance for OOB to test its military assets, critics are skeptical of whether the OOB will go ahead and participate more actively.

Opinions are divided on the issue, however as hostilities escalate between the TSA and factions around it on multiple fronts, there is general belief that they will struggle supporting a fleet to deal with factions as established as the Legion of Darkness without economic support from either the OOB or their (TSA's) own allies, such as the fledgling Corn Co or Factionless organisations.