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Prices on the rise as OOB SH Colony increases imports

Prices for goods and services across the intergalactic trade channels in the Systemhack galaxies are predicted to rise considerably when the market next opens.

This is following a record high import sum of $4,801,555,629c. intergalactic credits worth of material imported to the OOB Central Trading Hub on Systemhack today.

The OOB SH Colonial government has stated that provisioning supplies has always been one of the ways of avoiding problems with inflation, rising prices and monetary problems, however it is unusual, even for the sizable OOB, to spend such a sum on imports across one day.

This is the largest recorded daily import sum across SH history. One of the transactions recorded today worth a staggering $2,036,543,033c. is indeed the 4th biggest transaction this year across all OOB colonies, placed behind 3 transactions that came to pass on the Light vs Dark galaxies.

It is theorized that this unusually increased stockpiling of resources could be a sign that the mining industry within OOB could be suffering, however the temporary head of Industry has refused to comment on the situation other than saying "Do you see the 8 Potemkin Carries over there? Between two of them, they can carry more than 5.5m volume of cargo. Everyweek all 8/8 are in use. Does that answer your question".