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Stabilization and Protection of Economic Interests

Today the Order of Bogatyrs has signed a further defensive alliance with an independent nation who have interests in the light vs dark galaxies. The Exorians are a growing nation with minor interests in the LvD galaxies. It is the view of the OOB LVD Colonial Management that the propagated defensive alliance with provide the Exorians with the necessary guarantee of security, which would allow for a faster rate of economic.

This comes just hours after the Order has officially announced a significant increase in Foreign Direct Investment into corporations and governments operating within the LVD government. The increase from 45million monthly fdi target has been moved to 400 million, an increase of 789% (3 sig fig.)

Trading powers who already have significant investment from the OOB such as Inner Light and the TSA are both expecting an increase in infrastructural investment, whilst OOB Management has also commented that New Elysium, Knights Hospitaller, The Dark Ones and ONI could become future trading partners.