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Out in the open. Crime Stats for Autumn publicized

Police have issued new data revealing the level of crime across Major Colonies of the Order of Bogatyrs.

The crime update details offences and detection rates for the 9 months from January to September.

Councillor Bagatur said the 100% detection rate for robberies sent out a strong message of deterrent.

The report showed there had been an increase of executions in Nasszone, LvD, SH and VGG Colonies per year as compared to the autumn report of last year.

The report detailed a total of 352 petty criminal offences across the 9 month period. This compared to 602 crimes of violence during the same period last year. Moreover, detection rates, with someone caught for 92.2% of serious assaults - a significant increase from the 68.6% last year.

In terms of the Safety Index, Nasszone Colony has become a lot safer, with an increase of its safety index by almost 8. LvD Colony also reported greater safety across OOB territory, with an increase of 5.3 from the previous 86.1 index rating. Safety rating for the BS Colony has stayed high at 88.01, with the SH Colony rating going up from 83.8 to 85.77.

The only decrease in safety has been noted in the VGG Colony which spans multiple galaxies and is semi-autonomous in its management. Government statistics do not correlate with local VGG Colony statistics which indicate a Safety Index of 98.0. Head of Management and Finance at OOB, Markonius, when questioned about this drastic difference in statistics is said to have smiled, but said "no comment".