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Pacts and Contracts

The Order of Bogatyrs has signed a military alliance with a developing firm known as Irathi Creations. The OOB High Command has spoken out about the agreement, calling this alliance as "one of many progressive policies" that the government has taken in recent months towards raising quality of ship production and encouraging development of advanced shipwrights.

The Order of Bogatyrs hasn't as off yet provided materials to the young and developing Irathi Creations, however an official from the Management and Finance department stated that "the Order will certainly be investing into the development of infrastructure in Irathi Creations".

Moreover, the Order of Bogatyrs has signed contracts with three independent mercenary corporations for the protection off OOB trade routes and to server the OOB's interests in minor conflicts within the boundaries of the Systemhack galaxies

As off this moment the Order of Bogatyrs is allied with 146 other nations, making it one of the more 'connected' factions in history.