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HS Troop Transport: stronger, faster, better.

HS stands for Human Singularity which is the point in which the machine surpassed man. HS is not a generic faction but functions as an autonomous sub-faction inside OOB. HS vessels are considered to be elite vessels within the Order and only major colonies can afford their deployment. All HS Pilots report directly to Grand Admiral Matt.

Source: OOB HS Fleet Records Official Statement

The pro-active, actively growing Singularity Industries has released yet another military vessel, further prompting investors to invest in the developing firm. Amidst great internal praise, Admiral GreatMatt has been nominated for multiple awards for his contribution to the Order of Bogatyrs.

This ship is designed to carry up to 20 soldiers into any territory for military or research gathering operations. The ship is designed to be resistant to fire from light ships and comes armed with offensive and defensive weaponry in case there is intervention on way to destination.

Source: OOB HS Fleet Records Official Statement