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Insurance Costs Falling as Bogatyr Patrol Services release "OOB Bullshark"

The Order of Bogatyrs Patrol Services are a minor department off the Order of Bogatyrs, with executive officers from other departments controlling it. The Order deploys multiple patrols across all OOB territories on a weekly basis to act as auxiliary support for the military as well as monitor and control OOB territories, reducing terrorist threat and keeping pirates and raiders at bay,

-Source: OOB Fleet Records

This is a military raider designed to strike terror into the enemies off the Order while conveying the advanced building skill and moderate firepower of OOB vessels. This vessel also functions as an accompanying vessel for the protection of military cargo.

In an unprecedented move, the protection & patrols group off the OOB have decided that through passive-aggressive tactics such as the use of raiders for patrols, the Order will be able to counter greater threats such as those caused by military organisations on SystemHack.

Latest reports have indicated a change in the foreign policies of FiKon_Army, Sigsun and CANARIES towards the Order of Bogatyrs. The installment of heavy military ships such as these are aimed towards quenching any fears of foreign powers exerting their strength and to remind hostile powers off the power of the Order.