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Light Drone


The Order of Bogatyrs Extra Light Combat Drone (ELCD), is a commonly found drone style employed by the OOB Academy, the TSA and other OOB vassals as well as being used in older, LEDCs (less economically developed colonies). It is not battle worthy and is mostly used by acolytes or low rank members for military training. Whilst this drone does feature rapid fire cannons, its primary function is to dodge and evade retaliating fire.

Battle record:
A swarm of ELCDs numbering 50 in quantity was employed to hinder the movement and thus stop a heavy cargo ship during Early Aetherion Age expansion conflicts. The swarm suffered heavy damage, however succeeded in its task, even though it was using the now disused BOBBY AI technology. OOB Military personnel caught up with the ship and managed to take down the pilot, capturing the cargo.