b heavy drone.png

Heavy Drone


This is the heaviest drone ship used by the Order of Bogatyrs. With strong turrets support and long range weaponry, these drones are build to operate in small amounts, dealing significant damage to enemy fleets and breaking up fleet formations.

OOB Attack drones have undergone over 6 major refits since original construction.

Battle History:
OOB Attack Drones were used in the OOB-Odium Pact wars in the Shattered Skies galaxies, with little effect.
OOB Attack Drones were used extensively in the OOB-Arstotzkan Federation wars in the Nasszone galaxies, where they were used to great effect in both short sieges and the famous battle of Caris. Moreover, they were used in the Nasszone expansion conflicts.
OOB Attack Drones were used as patrol vessels to protect the key areas in the Light Vs Dark galaxies during the first and second Light-Dark War. More recently they have been deployed on the Systemhack galaxies . They were used extensively in the Systemhack expansion conflicts to great effect.